Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy "One Month" to me!

It's official. Yesterday I have been a vegetarian for one month. I remember when Oprah went on the one month cleanse where she ate vegan. She really seemed to be craving stuff she couldn't have and she couldn't wait till the end. It hasn't been like that for me, besides one night when my daughter Taryn and I went to Red Robins and I craved a hamburger (I stayed strong and ordered the veggie burger on a Bleu Burger). I've been eating lots of great yummy food and haven't missed meat at all.

I've been working on eating less and less dairy, eggs and honey. For the honey I need to get rid of what I have. Mostly it's just trying to come up with alternatives. I bought the book Go Dairy Free based on the many positive review's I've seen on the many blogs I've read, as well as quite a few vegan cookbooks. I've made two wonderful dishes from The Vegan Table cookbook. They were absolutely wonderful (No Queso Quesadilla & the African Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew).

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  1. Congrats Melanie on being vegetarian for 1 month!! You'll eventually find you don't crave any of the stuff you gave up (thank goodness, right?) and there are so many great alternatives to most things anyway. Good luck!! :)